Primary Organizations of Pediatric Dentistry for 2020-2021
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Primary Organizations specific to the specialty of Pediatric Dentistry and their pertinent information    
Purpose - Advocacy
- Guideline Development
- Education
- Professional Development
- Sponsors ABPD 
  - Access to care
grants & support
- Credentialing
- Certification
- Renewal of  Certification 

- Promotes ABPD
- Continuing Education
- Mentoring
- Fellowship

- Support COD
- Education
- Lifelong Learning
- Award Excellence
- Honor Dedication 
President Jessica Y. Lee Teresa Fong E. LaRee Johnson Brandon Schwindt
Jed M. Best
President- Elect Jeannie Beauchamp   Monica Cipes
Vice President Amr Moursi   Martha Ann Keels Thomas Bouwens
Secretary/Treasurer Scott W. Cashion    

Elise Sarvas (Secretary)

Miles Mazzawi

Mary J. Hayes
Location Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Brentwood, TN San Diego, CA San Diego, CA
Telephone 312-337-2169 312-337-2169 800-410-1250 858-272-6560 858-272-6560
Chief Staff John Rutkauskas 
John Rutkauskas
Jeffrey A. Dean
Molly Major
Executive Manager

Molly Major
Executive Manager

Annual Dues / Fees Deadline October 1 Donations  November 30 December 31 Donations
Annual Meeting May May April Board Meeting May May

     1. All organizations are independent of each other, both administratively AND fiscally.
     2. Changes in your contact information, you must contact all organizations.