Paul Walker Leadership Award

2021 Paul Walker Leadership Award Foundation of the College of Diplomates (COD) of the ABPD

Purpose: The Foundation of the COD of the ABPD announces the Paul Walker Leadership Award. This award is in honor of Dr. Paul Walker whose involvement and dedication to the activities of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry was legendary. The FCOD is proud to support this activity as Dr. Walker would have been so pleased to see the participation of our future leaders in the American Board.

Award Description: The Award is a stipend of $1500 to be used by the Award winner to defray the expenses of attending one of the College of Diplomates (COD) Study Clubs and the COD Annual Meeting. 

The Award stipend will be paid upon verification of attendance at these events.  (The time frame for attendance will be the 18 months following the announcement of the winner in May.

Qualified Applicants: This award is available to those pediatric dentists who are

1 - full time faculty in a department or sub-department of pediatric dentistry (undergraduate or graduate programs) in a university or hospital setting;

2 – faculty in the beginning stages of their academic career: from initial hire to 10 years;

3 –Who are Diplomates of the ABPD.

Applicants must have contributed to the well-being of the ABPD or the COD, demonstrating leadership skills, such as, but not limited to:

-The ability to create a vision;

-Effective communication skills, sufficient to motivate others to achieve that vision;

-The ability to establish a strong team concept;

-A focus on utilizing those traits for the greater good; and

-Participation in activities which advance the specialty of pediatric dentistry.

Candidates may be self-nominated or nominated by a pediatric dentist colleague.


Final Selection Criteria: Please include in a cover letter the following information with your application.

A personal statement / letter of nomination by the applicant or nominator in support of the candidate.

Include the applicant’s Curriculum Vitae focusing on the following additional information:

All contributions that apply to the following listed categories

  1. Involvement in the Oral Comprehensive Examination (OCE) or exam committee of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD)
  2. Involvement in the activities and or promotion of the activities of the College of Diplomates of the ABPD (COD)
  3. Involvement in the mentoring of potential candidates for Diplomate status with the ABPD
  4. Participation at their institution in helping candidates prepare for the OCE and/or qualifying exam
  5. Involvement in other activities advancing the cause of pediatric dentistry

How to Apply: Complete an application and upload the following documents as well as the application:

  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Personal statement of letter of recommendation;
  • Supporting documentation such as news clippings, organization newsletters, award notification or certificates, videos, etc. are encouraged.

Deadline:  A complete application must be received on or before April 24th of each year prior to the annual meeting.  Incomplete materials will not be considered.

By submitting this application, all components, including attachments, may be used by the FCOD for promotional use. This award may result in income tax consequences to the recipient.  If selected, the recipient should consult with his/her financial and tax advisor.

Submit your questions via email to Dr. Mary Hayes

Leadership experience, Elected Leadership Roles and Volunteer Activities from the candidate’s Curriculum Vitae are to populate the following categories:
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Award Value (Personal Statement of Letter of Nomination)*
Explain how this award will strengthen the candidate’s leadership in dentistry and contribute to efforts to support excellence in pediatric dentistry. Describe any other aspects of the applicant’s skills, experiences, or background that you believe makes an ideal candidate for this award.
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