The Foundation of the COD of the ABPD
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To encourage pediatric dentists to complete and continue board certification in the specialty, reward excellence in the certification examinations, promote lifelong learning in pediatric dentistry and to support the College of Diplomates.

A Summer Message from the Chairperson of the Foundation of the College of Diplomates of the ABPD

As we enter the sixth month of the Covid-19 Pandemic in the USA, we must not overly despair. There are credible virologists and epidemiologists working to contain the virus. While many mistakes have been made there is hope as we see what has transpired in the Northeast. I live in Manhattan, the original epicenter of the virus.  Over time and leadership of our governor, we now, at least have it contained.  If we can do it, so can other states.

Most importantly, as practitioners who often practice alone, we feel despair and isolation. However, through local groups and Facebook groups like i-Pedo, there is a robust interaction regarding information.  Even more significantly, we are all trying to support each other.  We can continue to come together to provide aid to our colleagues. Unfortunately, several of our members have had adverse reactions to the stress of dealing with the extra equipment, PPE and scheduling.  I urge of each of us:  if we see one of our members in distress to reach out with a helping hand.  Think of all the newly graduating pediatric dentists looking for positions while being over $400,000 in debt!

I, for one, have a tremendous support group that includes friends in Georgia, North Carolina, Upstate NY and California.  I have met these friends and colleagues over the years through professional channels: the College, academics, other friends.  I am not sure how I would have dealt with all the CDC, OSHA etc. regulations without them.

In essence, I am saying that you are not ALONE.  Reach out for help and most importantly recognize that you need help.  Email me if I can be of assistance;  That help does not have to be in your local community.  We are not that large that there is always someone to help and advise.  Finally, do not be too proud to seek professional help.

To close, I had a patient whose grandmother was a Holocaust survivor and when “911” occurred she told her granddaughter to not despair.  She survived that terrible tragedy her daughter survived “911” and we will survive this one.



Chairperson, Foundation of the College of Diplomates of the ABPD




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